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2016 Thoroughbred Makeover Contestants

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First Name
Last Name
State Classification Primary Discipline Horse
(JC Name)
Bridle Number For Sale? Photo
Kyle Rothfus OH Professional Dressage Moon 260

Jordan Pruiksma MD Professional Dressage Coordinate 70

Stacy Pattison VA Professional Dressage Pot Roast 69

Brittany Wright TN Amateur Barrel Racing Strike A Balance 299

Cody Burton KY Professional Field Hunter Assipattle 134

Melanie Lyell TN Professional Barrel Racing Runbridled 220

Christa Wessels OH Amateur Show Jumper Wild Student 296

Brit Vegas NE Professional Eventing Mega Rush 286

Erin Birkenhauer KY Amateur Eventing Private Show 117

Judith Janesak IL Professional Dressage Colburn 196

Kelly Wells MD Professional Polo Mahubo 294

Erika Campbell CA Professional Show Jumper Stauffenberg 137

Claire Lokken DE Junior Show Jumping Philly Freedom 216

Linnea Boyce FL Professional Eventing Champagne Clowie 127

Vita Taormina PA Professional Eventing Envious Bid 281

Meghan Martin AZ Professional Eventing Pirate Wench 224

Meghan Martin AZ Professional Eventing Southerncitynights 57

Trish Wustman MI Amateur Dressage Nobel Lex 104

Justin Whitesell OH Amateur Barrel Racing Exclusive Elusive 297

Priscilla Godsoe PA Professional Show Jumper Winforthezipper 170

Isabela de Sousa KY Junior Show Jumper Carajillo 20

Amy Nelson IL Professional Show Hunter Joegun 237

Billie Croll VA Professional Show Hunter That's a Peach 144

Bridget Hollern OH Professional Working Ranch Cozy Sunday 37

Macy Beach DE Junior Eventing The Muckratary 112

Franny Galvin-Hynes ON Junior Competitive Trail YouGottaBeKidding 168

Lindsey Partridge ON Professional Competitive Trail Pentland 246

Lindsey Partridge ON Professional Competitive Trail Trivia Time 247

Vanessa Kane KY Amateur Dressage Toroparu 202

Julie Nelson VA Amateur Dressage Riding the Tide 238

Kelly Page ME Amateur Dressage Honorable Judge 243

Holly Russell MI Professional Dressage Privatize 261

Gypsy Morill LA Professional Show Hunter Mike's Dixie Dancer 233

Jessica Henwood MD Amateur Polo Callmebelladonna 191

Charlotte Blankenship IN Amateur Show Hunter Bobby Moore 119

Kelly Leihy WV Amateur Eventing Indymoodforlovin 214

Gretchen Bender OH Professional Eventing Brighton Halo 114

Kelly Lupton NJ Amateur Competitive Trail Brannaman 218

Kelly Lupton NJ Amateur Show Jumping Samurai Sam 219

Elizabeth Firth MD Junior Dressage Dad's Glad 163

Kellyn Burtka MI Professional Field Hunter Bauer 133

Kaitlin Hartford FL Junior Eventing Family Foundation 184

Lisa Thomas KY Amateur Dressage Havelock 282

Rachel Burger OH Amateur Dressage Magic John 14

Teri Coombs CA Professional Eventing Dancer Humor 141

Emily Brollier Curtis KY Professional Dressage Dancing Commander 131

Emily Brollier Curtis KY Professional Dressage Cabar 12

Robin Hannah Carlton ON Professional Show Hunter Unblushing 35

Callahan Weber DE Junior Show Hunter Extra Talking 99

Lara Armstrong OK Professional Show Hunter Larry Boy 107

Kathleen Dibben MD Professional Competitive Trail Graced 150

Hannah Lewis NY Amateur Barrel Racing Sincityeddie 50

Marty Britton-Lancaster IL Amateur Dressage Gotham Man 130

Natanya Nieman McMahon KY Amateur Show Jumping Hashtag Bourbon 63

Cassandra Shumate PA Professional Competitive Trail Ferrero 84

Mindy Stoops PA Professional Barrel Racing Bad Girl Phase 278

Chloe Duffy ON Junior Eventing Careless Cousin 154

Ashley Dufrane CT Amateur Eventing Erica's Last Laugh 155

Emma Lyster KY Professional Freestyle Dr. Ben 53

Brooke Daneker PA Professional Dressage Chief Bendabout 147

Natassia Kilver OH Professional Eventing Make Some Silver 208

Meghan Bradley NY Professional Show Hunter Rock Hard Legacy 10

Samantha Colvin IL Professional Show Jumping Suspended Moon 16

Tiffany Cohee IN Amateur Eventing Phoenix Court 140

Lauren Turner GA Professional Eventing Fairway King 95

Jacqueline Bowen MD Junior Show Jumper Pollard's Image 124

Brittany Tice MD Professional Show Hunter Make Em Laugh 93

Amanda Takacs MD Professional Show Hunter Cover Shoot 92

Diane Fryer FL Amateur Barrel Racing Raven Train 167

Juliette Powers OH Professional Freestyle Denis Dot Calm 255

Emma Kate Baer PA Amateur Show Hunter Celtic Wonder 108

Laura Borghesani AZ Professional Eventing Cinmars Dance 123

Rebecca Weik PA Professional Show Hunter Fly High 293

Lynn Reardon TX Amateur Dressage Silver Spot 72

Susan Szempruch FL Professional Eventing Rick Ant 280

Janessa Kabela TX Professional Freestyle Shivers Mission 201

Summer Brennan NY Professional Dressage Morning Herald 129

Kim Selby IL Professional Show Hunter Pushin Up Daisy 267

Claudia Johnston ON Amateur Eventing Goodnight Hawk 44

Melia Blakely ON Amateur Competitive Trail Fingertips 7

Bobbie Bigelow MA Amateur Show Hunter Power of Gold 6

Brandon DiNicola MD Professional Show Jumping Giant's Fantasy 22

Sabrina Morris MD Professional Eventing Smash and Grab 234

Stacy Boles OH Professional Dressage Nic N Jr 120

Kimberly Haurin OH Amateur Eventing Just Plain Hope 185

Tyler Weith KY Professional Show Hunter Greeley's Magic 100

Devon Wallish PA Junior Dressage Malibu Skyline 291

Sara Donn NY Junior Competitive Trail Meatbeau 151

Lisa Jones NY Professional Field Hunter Initial Return 199

Michelle Warro MD Professional Eventing Play Like A Raven 292

Marcella Gruchalak PA Amateur Competitive Trail Because Simon Says 176

Tamara Shivers MI Professional Dressage Exchanging Kisses 82

Mellissa Perrin-Keithly ME Amateur Dressage One Time Richie 252

Meghan O'Toole IL Professional Dressage Black Cadillac 67

Ali Hamann TX Professional Show Hunter Miss Shine of Mine 180

Brittany Newton TN Professional Barrel Racing Queen Addy 239

Cedar Potts KY Professional Dressage Majestic Lad 254

Abbie Fischer PA Professional Show Hunter Rock Scene 164

Christian Eagles WY Professional Eventing Bigbari 157

Collette Zimmer FL Professional Dressage Wall Street Bull 106

Elisa Wallace GA Professional Eventing Heron's Waltz 289

Kelsey Zachow MI Amateur Show Hunter Wind Dust 302

Samantha Haven NJ Junior Eventing North Tip 186

Michelle Craig VA Professional Show Jumping Youmightbearedneck 143

Gretchen Pani MO Professional Field Hunter Chucks Turn 244

Sigourney Jellins CA Professional Dressage Oso Smart 42

David Cornell NY Amateur Eventing Boss Daddy 142

Gina Salatino SC Professional Field Hunter During Opal 263

Hillery Head AL Amateur Competitive Trail Capitan Futuro 189

Allison Howell VA Amateur Show Jumper Cassie 40

Tara Jones PA Professional Freestyle Captain Beep Beep 200

Cathy Wieschhoff KY Professional Eventing Title Contender 102

Elise Parsons TN Professional Eventing Mister S 68

Nicole McEntee KY Amateur Show Jumping Umgiyo (AUS) 227

Jacqueline Gilbert NH Professional Eventing Copious Reward 32

Steve Sward NE Professional Working Ranch Midnight Affair 279

Erin Stewart FL Professional Eventing Caribbean Storm 277

Lindsey Burns ID Professional Dressage Slide Away 15

Nuno Santos MD Professional Dressage Hard to Port 265

Jessica Werner PA Professional Dressage Jennifer Q 295

Elizabeth Marshall MO Professional Show Jumper Awesome Rules 223

Jennifer Osterman MD Professional Dressage Gift of the Crown 242

Anne Kaufman WV Professional Eventing Mile High City 204

Alyssa Mathis MO Junior Show Jumping Line On You 225

Amanda Blake SC Professional Field Hunter Im Tellingeveryone 118

Michael Groubert OH Professional Polo Ruby Queen 175

Jean French VA Professional Freestyle Anna O 30

Andrea Balas IN Professional Competitive Trail Cane Swagger 109

Sarah Davis VA Professional Eventing J.J.'s Local Law 148

Jessica Flaherty ME Junior Freestyle CF Legal Tender 26

Lindsay Yohn KY Professional Field Hunter Rebel Annie 105

Olivia Stringer SC Professional Polo Footprintinthesand 90

Leandra Cooper NY Professional Show Jumping Millions in Motion 17

Lindsey Fex AB Amateur Show Jumper Diamond Hunter 162

Christina Sharkey OH Professional Eventing Kasa 268

Alyssa Borchak IN Professional Dressage Sal'z Romeo 9

Melissa Murray GA Professional Dressage My Man Al 236

Sally McCord FL Professional Eventing Solidario 59

Stacey Fitzgerald VA Professional Show Hunter Centripital 25

Ginny Harrison LA Professional Eventing Stonebriar 183

Candice Ray TN Professional Barrel Racing Speedy Girl 258

Sarah McMerty NC Amateur Eventing Beau Fox 229

Beverly Strauss MD Professional Show Hunter We Found Love 89

Nicole McKinley NJ Professional Eventing Gelt 228

Alina D'Amico OH Junior Eventing Key On Me 146

Kerri Healy PA Professional Eventing Zalmon 190

Alex Shokat OH Professional Show Hunter Half The Battle 83

Anne Barry Weber MO Amateur Show Jumper Elusive Silver 4

Neil Agate MD Amateur Polo Josie Homemaker 1

Amy Lent KY Professional Freestyle Firebolt 215

Kendal Lehari ON Professional Eventing Coltnamedsue 48

Ashley Godwin GA Amateur Show Hunter Lilies For Claire 171

Dawn Beach DE Professional Eventing Ladies Strength 113

Stephanie O'Neill NC Professional Field Hunter Future Slew 241

Amy Lent KY Professional Freestyle Forejo 49

Morgan Vaughn LA Professional Dressage Legacy of Honor 96

Kasey Jean MA Professional Show Hunter Master of Humor 197

Danielle Dill NY Amateur Show Jumper Adirondack Cat 21

Dyanna Capuano MD Professional Eventing Idle Spur 138

Emily Flaxman CA Professional Dressage Danz with KJ 165

Deborah Keiser OH Professional Barrel Racing Morning Rainbow 205

Yvonne Barteau IL Professional Dressage Seventytwo 111

Sarah Volpe NJ Amateur Show Jumping Shine On Shine On 287

Molly Smith PA Amateur Eventing Whimsical Kate 249

Mark Powers OH Professional Polo Spark D'Shark 256

Deborah Harris NC Professional Barrel Racing Regal Remda 181

Jenna Mullett MI Junior Show Hunter Monopolist 235

Tom Mansmann VA Professional Field Hunter David L 55

Rebecca Ramsey GA Amateur Dressage It's in the Safe 71

Dennis Murphy, Jr. AL Professional Show Hunter Throckmorton 62

Audrea Dyer FL Professional Eventing Saketini 156

Kirsten Kumpar MI Professional Show Hunter Fancy Boy 211

Cleo Haynal LA Amateur Show Jumper Golden Boot 188

Tristana Harris MI Junior Show Hunter General Houston 182

Buck Schott KY Professional Polo Strong Angel 77

Oliver Keithly ME Amateur Polo Smugglers Hold 206

Walter "Trey" Schott KY Professional Polo Sergio's Rose 79

Sarah Bowman GA Junior Dressage El Santo 126

Walter "Trey" Schott KY Professional Polo Sahara Sunrise 78

Rebecca Bowman GA Professional Dressage Virden Corinthian 125

Tara Hieb CO Professional Eventing Blumin Lucky 36

Felicia Steinweiss OK Amateur Freestyle Tap The Gold 275

Chris Bennings FL Professional Show Hunter Pope Melman 115

Ashley Johnson FL Professional Eventing Kilowatt 43

Kim McVeigh PA Amateur Field Hunter Mae's Debut 230

Kasey Evans VA Professional Show Hunter Go Patti Wagon 159

Kasey Evans VA Professional Show Hunter Voter Turnout 158

Elizabeth Stevenson MO Professional Dressage Chanticleer 276

Barbara Hutchinson MO Amateur Freestyle Goyo 195

Jennifer Tabisz MD Professional Show Hunter Kaabond 91

Laura Goddard WV Amateur Polo Paulies Pick 169

Hugo Pasten WV Professional Polo Simple Life 248

Bailey Nyren NJ Professional Freestyle Reading Group 66

Christy Drent MI Amateur Barrel Racing Justa Jester 152

Robin Hannah Carlton ON Professional Show Hunter Almost a Fools Day 34

Sally Shirley MD Professional Eventing Isabella Bird 269

Brooke Schafer KY Amateur Dressage Shellys Wild 266

Dominic Horne MN Professional Show Jumper Macks Tiger Paw 193

Whitney Brandhorst CO Professional Eventing Itza Twister 11

Kirstin Murphy AL Professional Show Jumping Leonardtown 61

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